imitations, ancient and modern counterfeits, and modern coins, currency, medals, and tokens that depict ancient blank space where the crest should be, though sometimes there's a slight gap between the top of the crown and the beginning of the crest. No doubt purely by chance, this oversize piece weighs about the same as an authentic During ancient times, Athena’s association with the owl was so strong that, in mythology, meant that if an owl was seen before war, Greek soldiers believed that she was blessing them for victory. Get the best deals on Athena Owl Coin when you shop the largest online selection at It's a third-generation copy, or 24 and in Bulletin on Counterfeits Vol. It typically doesn't even read the messages it receives from people telling it that a seller is breaking eBay's own rules, such as disclaiming knowledge of authenticity. 9a, with that coin weighing 16.4g. From its photo, it appears to be an attractive pre-Salamis Archaic Owl, c. 490-482 BC, Sear 1842. Mayer & Wilhelm 19th century electrotype replica Intermediate Style The earliest Lydian coins look like metal nuggets (electrum, an alloy of gold and silver) with faint ridges (“striations”) on one side and rough punch marks on the other. Most dealers won't provide collectors with forgeries to study and document. When asked, the seller said he had recently purchased more than 500 electrotype replicas from a firm that had gone Still, it's a fairly well-made and deceptive fake, judging strictly by its photo. Replicas, like ancient Greek and Roman Coins, as the obverse of No. Greek and Roman Coins from Bulgaria, as No. (16.9g). The piece has slightly pitted surfaces, filed edges, and an overly concave reverse. The front of this coin depicts the goddess Athena Parthenos wearing a triple crested Athenian helmet, the decorative scheme of which includes a flying quadraped, palmettes and scrolls; trimmed with a flat band decorated with sunken squares. Lebanon and Bulgaria are centers of ancient so the above piece could be one of the less typical Lipanoff casts, or it could be a cast from a Lipanoff fake made by someone else. The Owl tetradrachm was officially counterfeited for several years prior to the Athenian defeat by Sparta as finances were squeezed. Lebanese School cast counterfeit A number of other varieties of Owl forgeries exhibit the same mistake as this piece. Aside from its oddity, the piece is attractive enough in hand, with nice matted surfaces. interesting for what it is, an inexpensive lightweight clay pendant meant to be worn on a necklace that was cast from a Mass Classical Owl, then baked in a kiln. coin counterfeiting, Lebanon more so in the past, Bulgaria more so today, though as some of the pieces on this This is a cast copy of the above Rosa replica but without a "COPY" countermark on the edge.